Building up

I feel I’ve got a long post building up inside me, but its not ready to come out yet. Partly because I’ve got to work at the moment, but I’m also figuring it out. Something about technology and communication, and how the consumer is now leading the mass media by the hand to where it wants to go.

It partly comes from listening to an episode of Web Talk Radio, which is a great tech podcast, deals with a lot of cutting edge tech issues, but in a very casual and chatty manner. Each episode is a bit like a good geek dinner party. Anyways, there was a great quote from one of their guests, Peter Yorke. I can’t remember the exact terminology, but in essence it was “Piracy is now a symptom of the failure of the media to keep up to date with technology”. I totally agree with this statement, and want to expand my thoughts on it in a long and rambling manner. His example was specificly with the Video iPod, and that by only allowing a single video format (MPEG4) to run on it, Apple were totally out of step with the demands of their consumers, who want to run anything off their mac or pc on it. In being so limiting, selling such a small selection of media in a single format, the consumer who wants to watch a much wider selection, is forced to look elsewhere.

Anyways, as I say, I’ve more to say on this, so I’ll work my day, chill out tonight, have a haircut tomorrow and gather my thoughts.

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    Mr Anon

    *thinks about posting a long rant about how my Archos not only plays WMVs, DivXs and Xvids but also records to them as well, but thinks better of it*