Bloody Windy

Slept badly again last night, got an early night, and then was kept awake for a few hours by the mother of all storms. It was very windy, one of our garden chairs was halfway down the garden this morning, almost in my new crap rockery, or crockery as I now think of it. Still, good to see the plants I put in there at the weekend are still looking alright. I was worried the wind might trash them somewhat.

We are off to see a friend of S for a night tomorrow, and then as we are passing through London, are hoping on the way back we can get into Tate Modern for a few hours. We went there a couple of years ago and loved it, so hopefully now a lot will have changed there. Other than that, hoping sunday to finish off the crockery, get the top level dug out. Once that is done, there is a large pile of leaves and earth to be sifted and sorted out, then I can think what to do with the top bit.