Been Dazed and Confused for so long its not true

Got some cheap geektoys yesterday. Bluetooth dongle (easy at the back there) so I can link my phone to my laptop and swap stuff. Have thus been downloading lousy midi versions of songs to annoy people. Doing well so far, have Blue Monday and Rappers Delight, plus awful versions of Back in Black and the theme from Mash. Must see if I can find a program to create midi from mp3.

Also got a cd player for S which is missing several vital pieces, and thus far my communications with the company I bought it from have involved them reading my e-mail, picking out a random word, and answering something to do with that word, rather than actually reading the e-mail. I love that.

Have full intent to cut the lawn tonight. Re-potted a cactus last night (I live life on the edge).

Have just seen this, its a redesign of the Nintendo DS Looks bloody lovely frankly. And it will have a new PSO game on it. And they are doing a new PSO game for probably all the consoles 🙂 These are all very good things