Beard Discount

Possibly one of my most surreal moments in a shop ever came this weekend, when I got a 20% discount for having a beard in Borders. I knew there was a good reason I hadn’t got round to shaving for a bit.

Playing a lot of Phantasy Star Universe at the moment. It is wonderful. Not the best graphics, not always straightforwards. Just so much depth, and some of the best multi-player gaming you will have. This weekend we’ve just started to tip over from our team being out of their depth in all but the easiest levels, to having a bit more skill and some things starting to get easier. We beat our first serious boss in an epic fight that involved most of us lying dead for a significant amount of time, whilst one person fought on valiantly and took us to victory.

Overall, I am really enjoying the 360, it has reawoken my interest in gaming. Not that it had fallen away completely, but I was getting a bit bored. I’ve now got some games with significant depth, but also a selection of light games on Xbox Arcade that make for great quick blasts. I also love the achievements concept, which awards points for completing certain things within each game. I’ve now just made it past the 1000 mark, which represents quite a bit of gaming, and gets me halfway roughly to catching up my brother-in-law, who has had his 360 a little while longer.






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  1. Al Avatar

    I had the same beard discount, with only a days stubble. The sales assistant and I were laughing after he gave a really stubbly woman the same discount (without mentioning the beard bit). The marketing Dept must have had too much vino one lunchtime when they dreamt up that one :o)