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Well actually have been back a few days, but not been updating for a little, had friday off with S so generally we have been chilling and enjoying the very hot weather. Little walks to nice pubs, that sort of thing, very good for the mind body and soul.

Have had a visitor to the site from Costa Rica *waves*. Also some search engine went mental yesterday looking through the site. Was coming about every half hour

So in summary, course was very useful, definitely got a lot out of it. Will be interested to see when I get chance to use it, but I know I will at some stage

In a post 9-11 world, there is much around us that has changed. We read stories of incredible possible attacks, whole cultures are oppressed, war has been fought against our wills. And yet I feel that possibly the most incideous change that has taken place has been the collapse of the television advertising market, to the extent that the majority of the adverts we now see are for loans, insurance, and worse of all, mobile phone ringtones. If you want a job voicing over a mobile phone ad, it is a legal requirement that you should have a voice that makes children cry, heckles raise, dogs bark, cats caterwall. In esscence, a voice that not even a mother could love. I yearn for major companies to invest in advertising again.