Back, from outer space

Sleeping very weirdly with being back on patches. Night before last dreamt that I went to a games store to see the new Nintendo handheld. I’m expecting to see the GBA2, so a few extra buttons and a backlit screen. What I in fact see is:

The Nintendo Padewan

Its like a shell, but two octagon halves. When you open the shell out, all the buttons are the inner walls of the first shell. But the second shell is a holographic projector. The reason it is called the Padewan is that the launch title is a Star Wars game, and looks suspiciously like the fighting/chess game that they play on the millennium falcon in A new hope.

If anyone is listening I do actually want one of those. I don’t even care about copyright, no one would believe me if I said I thought of it first. I’d just be happy to have one frankly. Hurry up.