Arrival in Cowes

So we’ve made it to Cowes. Nice straightforward journey, apart from our ferry nearly crashing into a boat. It was sounding off the horns, and we thought at first it was the very large yellow boat that did appear to be heading right for us which was the problem. In fact it was a small yacht that we couldn’t see, and given the size of the ferry we were on, we wouldn’t have felt it either had we hit it.

The house we are renting for the week is fantastic. We knew it was bigger than we needed, but it was still a decent price. We didn’t realise though that it had four bedrooms and was on three storeys. We are rattling about in it a little, but we do have a fair old bit of space in which to relax, so we will manage.

We’ve ended up just off the main street in Cowes, up quite a steep hill. Not too far up, thankfully. I think we are about 3 minutes from the nearest pub, so it suits us. However, bar a nearby annoyingly loud dog, the place is utterly tranquil. I am sat here on my own whilst mrsfb has a little nap, and I can only hear my pen (no laptop with me), the clock and the wind outside. Today is quite breezy, we’ve had a couple of spectacular little showers, but it has also been quite warm.

Last night we explored Cowes a bit, went to a pub, helped a local figure out his data-transfer issues between a dvd/hard disk recorder and his laptop (busman’s holiday for me), and then took home fish and chips for a quiet night in.

Today we’ve wandered through Cowes, tested a couple of pubs for suitability, had a good long walk out of town along the quayside, then stopped off in the Octopuses Garden for tea. Actually, tell a lie, it was coffee. It is a Beatles-themed cafe, filled with memorabilia, which plays nothing but Beatles records all day. I imagine there is the potential for losing long-term staff to mental illness due to that last feature. For a quick coffee mind, it was great.

In a bit I will cook some nice pork chops, then I think we may wander out for the evening. Ow my hand hurts, I’m so not used to writing these days!