And so another weekend is done.

And a good time was had by all. Yesterday we went off to Magdalen college to have a wander around the grounds. However we got there about 11:30, and it didn’t open to the public until 1. No matter, we instead moved onto the Botanic Gardens across the road. Gorgeous day for it. Some fascinating things to see there.

Lime tree

We had a good wander around there. Looks good now, will look even more beautiful in a few months, and I reckon we’ll probably go and see for ourselves.

Well-crafted area

After that, we carried on into town, went to the fishmongers, and got some fish for the purposes of making this:

Finished plate of sushi

Which was rather tasty, if I do say so myself. Plus some scallops which I spiced, and served with some noodles.  Whilst I was preparing all that, I had a call from my friend J, and we met him for a few pints at the Black Swan, where a pleasant evening was had by all. And on the way home we got to see the post-eclipse moon. Rather good fun all round.







One response to “And so another weekend is done.”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    You should have decided on Chicago instead. I’d buy the first three or four rounds! When are you hitting NYC?

    The sushi looks pretty decent, actually (except for that one on the right that’s kinda blown apart). I’ve tried, and failed, to make mine any good, alas.