A Wednesday for the rest of us

Tired, as per. No gaming last night due to sore shoulder. Which was unusually wise for me. Did manage to get some more old blog entries copied in. I am getting close to having the whole archive finally transferred. Once I’ve done that, I shall start work on changing the look and feel here; I kind of feel I should finish the transfer first though.

Have been listening to the current Madonna single “Hung Up” a lot. It is more the sampled ABBA loop that gets me, but it is bloody great.

Have a fair old bit to get on with today, lots of fixing-up. Will try and catch up on the Adam Curry podcasts, I am behind by a couple. This is the only problem I have with podcasts, keeping up to date with the volume of output. In fact this is a problem I have with many forms of media (reminds self of the 900 rss feeds in my Bloglines reader, which needs whittling down some)

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2 responses to “A Wednesday for the rest of us”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    Adam Curry… I’m getting old. I remember Adam Curry as one of the original VJs on MTV, not as a podcaster with an internet track record.

  2. flotsky Avatar

    You should have a listen, get to http://www.curry.com and follow links from there, or if you have iTunes, look up The Daily Source Code. He has moved on somewhat, I found it all a bit odd to listen to at first, but I’m there now. And how.