A new month, new weather.

So what will June bring us? Slightly less rain, hopefully. A trip down to Devon, and possibly the Eden project, almost certainly. Some outdoors drinking, luxuriating in the sun? Certainly tonight, unless things change substantially.

I have to go and get my tumbling locks shaved off tomorrow, then we might get out somewhere for a walk or cycle ride, make the most of the sunshine (which I am perhaps foolishly assuming will be there). May get to dust off the camera, haven’t had much need for it recently, and could do with some new pictures.

And I seriously need to think about some gardening. If it has dried out some, I might have a go at the back garden on Sunday. It is quite Junglicious at the moment. I may or may not take pictures of that, depending on how deep my shame in it is. Basically it is partly down to hating the lawnmower we have for the house. I’m hoping to get a push mower soon, that may encourage me to do it more regularly, as it is such a pain getting out the hover mower we presently have. If not, I may just replace it with something better.

Middle-age is clearly where you start to be equally bothered about your consoles and your lawn mower.

One response to “A new month, new weather.”

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s Friday and I’m leaving this delightful shithole to come and drink wine in a garden with you

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