A little update

Not been up to a whole lot lately. Nice weekend mind, our friends J&S came over for drinks on Friday night, where a conclusion was not reached on what the best band-in-a-wardrobe video was (I still hold that The Cure’s Close to me is clearly such for being based entirely on a wardrobe, and that S’s choice of Rain or Shine by Five Star deviated into several other non-wardrobe areas). If you can think of one that is better, please let me know in the comments, this is important.

Saturday we rose late, and went into Reading to see our friends R&J, had a few drinks in town then travelled onto Cavisham for a very pleasant meal in a pub. A good time was had by all.

If you look up to the top right, you’ll see that I’ve had more comments on the last P.Wyndham Little Project post, more people have had similar letters. I’m hoping that they might send me more of what they’ve had, and I’ll put them up if so.

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