27 hours in…

No patches either, decided to give it a go without. I have them to hand, in case I find I need them, but I want to try just to resist smoking completely. Thus far, I am irritable, moody, wired, and also getting ringing in my ears. I’m worried about sleeping soon, because I have had bad experience of that with previous attempts. However, I shall take my patches to bed, and slap one on if I am struggling. Mrsfb has been a bloody star today, put up with me being like this, and fussed over me in a nice way that has helped chill me out a lot. Early days yet, or day even, but overall, despite feeling very weird, I don’t actually feel like I would kill for a ciggie. Just yet…








2 responses to “27 hours in…”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    After my Cardiac Incident in October, the medicos told me to do three things: lose weight, exercise more, and stop smoking.

    I’ve successfully managed two of those things. Can you guess which one I’ve not accomplished?

    Here I am, thinking I’ve all the willpower in the world, and a stupid tube of dried leaves can keep bringing me back.

    I feel for you, m’man. You’re my bloody hero if you can pull it off cold turkey!

  2. flotsky Avatar

    I just don’t normally have willpower. I desperately need to kick it and get into some more exercising (It is fair to say I am not in great shape). I’m starting to get there though. Utterly awful at the moment, but it is clearly going to get easier soon.