My WrestleMania 24 Review

Is as follows: Nothing whatsoever. Why? I was foolish enough to move to Virgin Media recently, and have paid my £14.95 to watch it live tonight. However, I have had a blank screen since the first five minutes, no reboots will solve it. I’ve established from some UK wrestling forums that other Virgin customers are… Continue reading My WrestleMania 24 Review

Facebook adds People you may know feature

Facebook now suggests “people you may know” – Download Squad I’ve tested this out, and my own results seemed rather sensible, they were indeed by and large people I knew. I’m waiting for the “people I knew and lost touch with” feature though, that might be more fun. Or “people you were bullied by at… Continue reading Facebook adds People you may know feature

Star Wars Sweded

Star Wars (Sweded): A Cardboard Hope Sweding is the process of copying a film by remaking it yourself, as per the wonderful Michel Gondry film Be Kind Rewind. Sweded remakes of films are now starting to crop up on Youtube, such as this version of the original Star Wars. It’s alright to begin with, then… Continue reading Star Wars Sweded

Firefox Extension: Twitterfox

Twitterfox is a handy little Firefox Extension for all users of Twitter. It keeps you up to date with your friends twitters, and gives you a nice quick interface for posting. It takes up a tiny piece of real estate on your status bar (an issue if like me you have a lot of extensions… Continue reading Firefox Extension: Twitterfox