In dreams…

Before I get going, I noticed that todays post is number 701 on here. I’ve also had 298 comments. Nowt compared to a lot of bloggers, but still a lot to me. Anyways, I want to tell you about my dream last night. Wait, before you go, it’s good. It was basically a mix of… Continue reading In dreams…

More clumsy

I’ve pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Playing Wii Bowling. The irony being, that I was due to go actual bowling with work today, and had to sit on the sidelines aching due to playing the faux version. Ouch.

I admit it, I’m clumsy

I’ve always been clumsy. I believe it is a matter of genetics, and given similar evidence from my mother on how frequently she injures herself, I think I know where I get it from. It seems to manifest itself in major incidents once ever 6-12 months, but also in a series of smaller ones on… Continue reading I admit it, I’m clumsy

No Truck Festival, just lots of flooding

I was expecting that round about now I would have sorted through a mass of photos from Truck Festival, and would be writing a lengthy piece about my experiences there. However it was not to be. About 4pm on Friday, I received a text from a friend to warn me it had been cancelled. A… Continue reading No Truck Festival, just lots of flooding