Well mainly a good weekend. Got to see our friends J&S on Friday and Saturday night, and had a good time playing charades and Buzz, and consuming plenty of quality cheeses. However I was somewhat ill on Saturday afternoon. Felt a bit odd coming home after a quick trip to B&Q (rest easy, the shower… Continue reading Weekended

Lazy weekend ahead

Not too much planned, friends over tonight, then need to fix the shower which is broken, then general pottering about for the rest of the weekend. I’ve not done badly on getting the garden weeded and looking slightly less shabby, what I could do with is a bit of work to start getting it looking… Continue reading Lazy weekend ahead

Submerge Podcast

The Submerge Podcast is well worth a listen, particularly if you like your old House and Detroit Techno. I’d particularly recommend the interview with Ron Murphy (links direct to mp3), which is a lengthy piece talking to one of the unsung heroes of Techno, whilst playing some of the tunes he had a hand in.… Continue reading Submerge Podcast

A new month, new weather.

So what will June bring us? Slightly less rain, hopefully. A trip down to Devon, and possibly the Eden project, almost certainly. Some outdoors drinking, luxuriating in the sun? Certainly tonight, unless things change substantially. I have to go and get my tumbling locks shaved off tomorrow, then we might get out somewhere for a… Continue reading A new month, new weather.