From Pixels to Plastic

I’ve just been reading a presentation by Matt Webb called From Pixels to Plastic. Really inspirational ideas about how we could get the products we want doing the things we want them to, drawing from various ideas such as desktop widgets, and applying them to more physical items such as washing machines. Along with some… Continue reading From Pixels to Plastic

The Future of the Media online

The lawsuit between Viacom and Google over content placed on Youtube isn’t just about money. Okay, it is mainly about money, but it is also the latest line in the sand in the battle between Old Media and New Media. Old Media, television, film and print, doesn’t really get the internet, blogging, podcast, New Media.… Continue reading The Future of the Media online

Issues in K2 theme with Sidebar Modules

The K2 theme is one of the more popular WordPress themes, and I’ve used it in various guises on several different blogs. However recently it has been causing issues with its own Sidebar modules, giving quite random behaviour, some will work, some don’t work at all, and some when placed in the middle of the… Continue reading Issues in K2 theme with Sidebar Modules


Now have a very fast connection at home, whose speed is supposed to be doubled soon as well. I can’t wait. I actually hope England lose tonight, as Steve Maclaren must be England’s Football Coach, for a minute longer. This coffee isn’t strong enough. Or big enough. Trying to build Twitter into here, more of… Continue reading Oddments

Longish Weekend

Was at home yesterday, as I had to work from home whilst waiting for NTL/Virgin to come and visit. We had a good weekend, Saturday we had a cheap little meal out, then went to the Oxford Playhouse to see a Harold Pinter play, which was excellent, although some of the people performing were a… Continue reading Longish Weekend

Still learning my craft

I’m learning how to use my macro lens properly on my new camera. A macro lens will allow you to focus in very tightly on an object. To really get your photographs looking perfect takes quite a bit of knowledge of how to set them up properly. I’m getting there. It was quite late in… Continue reading Still learning my craft

Somewhat more awake

Slept a world-record amount last night. Headed to bed not long after 8pm, and snoozed on and off until 11pm, until crashing out for the rest of the night. Feel like an utterly different person today, although somewhat in need of a coffee to kick my head awake a little. Have found some nifty twitter… Continue reading Somewhat more awake