I’m trying out something new here, a program called reBlog. Basically it is a combination of an RSS feed reader (feeds of blog posts and the like) and a republisher, that pushes posts through to a blog. It is all quite new and shiny, and took a bit of setting up, but it may just… Continue reading reBlog


A great post about one of my favourite TV shows: “SEINFELD is one of the very few shows to truly have a VOICE. The show created its own world. It’s own logic. It set its own rules – primarily by shattering existing ones. Contrivances, conveniences, stories about nothing, characters never growing or learning, Jews –… Continue reading SEINFELD

Fragments and suchlike

I’ve remembered this week that I need to feed both my geek and my creative sides. Been too geek lately, just reading geek books. Thus the Louis Theroux book, and also getting a good way into the Julian Cope biography Head On (the only book I own a t-shirt of). Have read it once before,… Continue reading Fragments and suchlike

Have booked a holiday!

We’re going for a week to the Isle of Wight. Have hired a nice place for us to stay self-catering, and are all but sorted for it. Few weeks yet, but can’t come soon enough, will be great. Hopefully will wander about and fill up my Flickr account with all sorts of dull pics of… Continue reading Have booked a holiday!

my dotcom career

What I would like at the moment is The Idea. Not an idea, but The Idea. The Idea is a new way of pulling together a few existing web technologies and/or successful sites, and mashing them up into a new and exciting formula that is smartarse enough for a Google or Yahoo to buy for… Continue reading my dotcom career

Post Number 500

Have I really written this much crap? Well, it would appear I have. Ouch. Well, I have been posting backwards as well as forwards, I know have posts going back 21 years on here, culled from old diaries and the like. And I can sometimes be prolific with my regular stuff.

Much better weekend

Well, we’ve spent the weekend up at the home of flotskyfamily, and everything is good, flotskydad is out and fighting fit, so we are all happy. had a very good time catching up, meant a lot to see him and see he was doing ok. It is strange, because in our immediate family, we don’t… Continue reading Much better weekend