I’m trying out something new here, a program called reBlog. Basically it is a combination of an RSS feed reader (feeds of blog posts and the like) and a republisher, that pushes posts through to a blog. It is all quite new and shiny, and took a bit of setting Read more…


A great post about one of my favourite TV shows: “SEINFELD is one of the very few shows to truly have a VOICE. The show created its own world. It’s own logic. It set its own rules – primarily by shattering existing ones. Contrivances, conveniences, stories about nothing, characters never Read more…

Fragments and suchlike

I’ve remembered this week that I need to feed both my geek and my creative sides. Been too geek lately, just reading geek books. Thus the Louis Theroux book, and also getting a good way into the Julian Cope biography Head On (the only book I own a t-shirt of). Have read it once before, but it is a wonderful description of the Liverpool punk and post-punk scene (which seemed to happen pretty much simultaneously). I’m not a massive creative, nor a genius geek, but if I feed both in vaguely equal measures my brain seems to work better on both. Sorted out some annoying stuff at work today that had been like digging syrup into a wheelbarrow with a fork until today.


my dotcom career

What I would like at the moment is The Idea. Not an idea, but The Idea. The Idea is a new way of pulling together a few existing web technologies and/or successful sites, and mashing them up into a new and exciting formula that is smartarse enough for a Google or Yahoo to buy for lots of money. The execution of The Idea is potentially not as tricky as having The Idea in the first place. I can program, I can learn, I can configure software. I can make it happen. It is having it in the first place that is the problem.


Post Number 500

Have I really written this much crap? Well, it would appear I have. Ouch. Well, I have been posting backwards as well as forwards, I know have posts going back 21 years on here, culled from old diaries and the like. And I can sometimes be prolific with my regular stuff.