5 records that are definitively you

Basically, pick 5 records that sum up you or your music tastes. Mine are: Everybody loves the Sunshine – Roy Ayres Voodoo Ray – A Guy Called Gerald WFL – Happy Mondays Concrete Schoolyard – Jurrasic Five The Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin You?

Blogging Friday

Well, I’m off work for four days, today through to Monday. Just decided to take a couple of bonus days to relax, and catch up on a few things. Amongst other things, I’m trying to write some blog posts on my various blogs, just to get back into the way of writing. Went shopping in… Continue reading Blogging Friday

More storm

Well just as I was trying to sleep last night, we got hit by another summer storm. Not only was it loud, but I could feel electricity in the air. Really odd, I got an impending sense we were going to be hit by lightening twice, not because I was being paranoid, but because I… Continue reading More storm

Storm 2006

Mad on Saturday, got caught in what given our weather lately, it could be almost fair to refer to as a tropical storm. Roads flooded out, the store we were in may have been hit by lightning, and at one point we were disasterously beaten by the rain into a wine bar. Tragedy! Even odder… Continue reading Storm 2006

Can still walk

and see this as a bonus. Did indeed do the cycle ride I suggested, see the photos down on the right hand side to see where I got to. Just finding this so freeing, getting to explore more. The main aim here is to lose a little weight and get myself into a bit of… Continue reading Can still walk

This is not my beautiful back. These are not my beautiful knees

I hurt a bit today. Did a slightly longer cycle ride last night, and my ancient bones know all about it now. Going to have to make sure I get out again tonight, keep up the good work. Last night was following the cycle path on the other side of the Cowley Road all the… Continue reading This is not my beautiful back. These are not my beautiful knees

Pleasing Norman Tebbit

Well it has been far too long since I cycled, and my bike had fallen into very poor repair. It was about time I did something about it. So a few days ago I oiled it. This was a good start. Things moved that didn’t look very likely. However the brakes and the gears were… Continue reading Pleasing Norman Tebbit

Animal not-very-cross ing

So a week or two ago, I lost my Animal Crossing game. Now I’d put a few months into playing this, nutured my town, expanded my house. I was horrified at the possibility I had lost it. It turned up in the washing machine. And what is more, it worked perfectly. I now believe that… Continue reading Animal not-very-cross ing