A-Z of Professional Blogging

Just a quickie, I don’t think I have as good a list of links on blogging tools and services as This list at problogger Well worth working through here if you are trying to build and improve on your blog. Several of the services used on my blogs are listed Tags: blogging lists links

Fairly lazy weekend

And much better for it. Did some clothes shopping, a much-needed update to my wardrobe. Small meal out at the Red Star Noodle Bar, which just does great food. I have to be careful not to go there too much, or I’ll start finding it boring. Anyways, more shopping on the Sunday, then watched England’s… Continue reading Fairly lazy weekend

Opera 9 Released

And you just won’t find me using it, other than for a bit of testing. It is a shame, I can remember a couple of years ago when Opera was the best thing since bread. Not just sliced bread, bread. A wonderful thing. It genuinely did change the way I browsed, introduced me to keeping… Continue reading Opera 9 Released

Something for the Summer

Right, have been listening to some new things on my iPod today, and can definitely recommend the mashup album by the Kleptones Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots. Basically the album by the Flaming Lips with much added rap. Probably a year or two old, but still absolutely wonderful for this weather. Tags: kleptones music summer… Continue reading Something for the Summer

Just finished reading JPod

I have just finished reading JPod by Douglas Copeland. Good read, is definitely about geeks from a somewhat geek perspective, but is more accessible I reckon than Microserfs. Mrsfb complained heavily about that being just a world she could not access, nor wished to. I think JPod is somewhat different. For one, there are of… Continue reading Just finished reading JPod

Second Child Syndrome

I’ve mentioned it before, but my friend Emily’s blog Second Child Syndrome is really worth a look. We’ve yet to experience the joy of crippling our finances and ruining our social life, so what she has gone through, and is going through is a different but very interesting world to me. Despite my tone, we… Continue reading Second Child Syndrome