Searching for emotions

Emotional Search Engine for Blogs Kind of like this today, just suits my mood to find people in the same mood as me. May be a bit fussy with some browsers/machines, but looks pretty too Tags: emotion search engine

Check this out

Translate this site into French Translate this site into german Translate this site into Spanish Translate this site into Italian Translate this site into Japanese Tags: translation french

Confidence 2.0

I was thinking this morning on the way into work about social network technologies, as you do for fun in the morning. You don’t? Anyways, I was thinking specifically about the level of fear there is for both users and non-users of these services. I’m talking both about “friend and fuck” networks like Myspace, Friendster… Continue reading Confidence 2.0

Football Crazy

Sat here watching a wonderful European Cup Final, Arsenal are leading 1-0, and the match has just been a delight, fast-paced, dramatic. As I type that, the heavens have opened, and it is 1-1. Anyway, I have made a decision, I am going to try and watch some football in person next season. I am… Continue reading Football Crazy