Somewhat Depressing

was getting on the same bus I normally do into work today, only to find it utterly empty. Everyone else is on holiday already except me. Not fair 🙁 Lazy weekend, apart from getting up early on Saturday to finish my christmas shopping. It is all done. Finito. Good 🙂

New Look here

I have been promising myself for ages I would get this place looking slightly different, and here it is. I like it, but what do you think? Let me know if you have an opinion. Christmas is all but sorted now, just mrsfb to sort out, and I am well on the way with that.… Continue reading New Look here

Very Positive

Can’t explain it, but am just feeling a little more focused and positive this week. Seem to be getting my shit together, getting something approaching organised. It is a nice feeling. Ultra-busy at work, but just getting my head down and getting on with stuff. Got the christmas tree up (might take a pic of… Continue reading Very Positive

Meh, awake just

Feels like a long heavy weekend, even though it wasn’t at all for me. Hid out and left the rest of the world to it all. Put the christmas tree up, decked the hall etc. Also learnt what happens to christmas decorations when you vacuum to close to them. Big news of the weekend was… Continue reading Meh, awake just

I cannot avoid it any longer

I must start Christmas shopping. I’m normally slightly more organised than this. But I’m not, so I must face the music, and get myself into town tonight for the joy that is late-night shopping. Meh, I don’t know what it is, I just haven’t got the Christmas spirit yet this year. I think I will… Continue reading I cannot avoid it any longer

Odd day

Couple of strange things thus far today. Have been asked to work on something obscure today that I randomly started reading up on tonight. And was looking through my blog entries for something, and found a couple of pieces of writing (more writing than blog postings) that I didn’t actually remember posting. Not a problem,… Continue reading Odd day

Firefox Extensions 1.5

Okay, so as promised, here is a little list of the extensions I use presently for Firefox. is a social bookmark manager. I find it particularly useful when I am researching a project for work, and want to gather all the links together, and be able to access them from several computers (in… Continue reading Firefox Extensions 1.5