Wow. I know for a fact it is -23848c out there. Still wearing most of my layers indoors whilst I get over the coldness that was my journey to work. How come we can take pictures of distant galaxies, but we can’t heat a bus? Ouch. I helped a friend Read more…


Well for once in my life I took my own advice, and got a sane nights sleep when it was required. Which is a very good thing. During our self-enforced residence on the sofa on Sunday, we watched the latest episode of Lost (OK, remember we are in the UK, Read more…

Wow. Tired.

Good weekend, now just need to wake up. Out to a gig on Saturday night that was great fun, and resulted in us having a night far too late for our aging bodies, and spending Sunday curled up on the sofa achieving little of consequence, other than recovery and relaxation. Read more…

Online Snowboarding

Been playing a lot of Amped 2 lately. Very difficult game to master, not at all like SSX in terms of learning curve. Annoyingly difficult at the later stages, but I am starting to get there with it. Would rather be playing SSX online though Filed in: xbox amped2 ssx


My neck is hurting loads this morning. Slept funny neck, as the medical term has it. Good evening with mrsfb and S, who brought lots of choc, and some mulled wine, which was nice, but feels a little heavy on my mind this morning. Drinking plenty of coffee.