Long Lazy Weekend

Not much to report, mrsfb’s brother A came to visit us, we took it easy, went out for a meal, played plenty of console games, generally took it easy. Good fun. I found a real console bargain, picked up four old games for £20, Tony Hawks Underground, TOCA Pro Racer, Wave Rider, and the unexpected… Continue reading Long Lazy Weekend

Google Talk

Well, signed up to it. Very easy to get online with it, and to start using it under Linux, which impressed me greatly. Have it running in GAIM on there. One thing I do like is that if you reply to an e-mail in gmail, it adds the person as a potential contact immediately. I… Continue reading Google Talk

Today’s new Google service is…

Google Talk Instant Messaging and Voice client. It looks like it is based on the Jabber protocol, so you can use it straight away in GAIM and Trillian if you have them clicky for instructions See you on there! Filed in: google im

Feel good factor

Well that was a useful evening, watched the third episode of Lost, which is moving at a beautifully slow and brooding pace. Wrote a couple of shortform ideas for a writing project I have on the go at the moment. And set up a new website, well just the start of it. It is somewhere… Continue reading Feel good factor

Nice mellow weekend

Quiet one with mrsfb on Friday night, then Saturday my niece T came to visit. Fun day catching up, then mexican food and lashings of Singstar in the evening. I am better at being Beyonce than all reason would dictate. Lots of good fun. Today my sister E leaves the country for good, she is… Continue reading Nice mellow weekend

I have a dream…

Last night I dreamt about a word. Keope. I also dreamt about it a week ago. An odd dream, all about searching, both in the literal and spiritual senses. And technological, can’t explain it, but it was all very important. Anyways, in last nights dream I met a journalist who had written about keope, and… Continue reading I have a dream…