Podsafe Music Network

Adam Curry announced it, I am saying this is the future, let us leave behind the nasty corporations, let us learn to love the proper indie musician, and hopefully through iTunes or similar, have the opportunity to pay them a proper percentage for their music read more | digg story

No More Tables

CSS Layout techniques from the guys who did the Blogger.com redesign. Lots of good ideas and tips, and of course, beautifully laid out. If you think you know your html/css, you should read this read more | digg story

Have I really been here?

I’m not sure I have actually properly been blogging this week. Sort of floated around, rather than actually said anything I have been up to. Well I am here now, in some sort of shape and manner. Quite tired actually, probably could do with a decent lie-in this weekend. We’re going to go and see… Continue reading Have I really been here?

Recipe I wanted to remember

Saw this posted on a messageboard, and thought I’d hang onto it here. BBBQS (bootys BBQ special) de-bone a leg of lamb and marinate it in a rub of lemongrass, spring onions, cumin, dried chilli, ginger, garlic, olive oil and seasoning. Then cover in foil and put in the oven for about 35 minutes for… Continue reading Recipe I wanted to remember

Lazy Lazy Weekend

Man, what a top weekend of mostly doing nothing worthwhile. Chilling out with mrsfb, watching telly, generally taking it nice and easy. I am so relaxed, I just fancy putting my head down on my desk, and sleeping until hometime. We did manage a walk up to our favourite almost in the country pub, going… Continue reading Lazy Lazy Weekend