Last Laugh?

Trying to write an entry for the Last Laugh contest on BBC3 at the moment. Basically, they have several scripts half-written, and you have to complete the story. I have picked my story, and come up with what appears to me to be a plausible and suitable ending. I just need to write it and… Continue reading Last Laugh?

its Friday

Well it is not, but I am off tomorrow. And Monday. For no good reason, which suits me fine. Going to catch up on some reading for work, and generally chill. Oh, and garden too. Got things to start planting, which is a nice position to be in after a couple of months of almost… Continue reading its Friday


So I am now a fully-fledged member of the ipod community. It is a fantastic bit of kit, once you’ve had it a few days you wonder why you haven’t had one all your life. Am carrying around my entire record collection on something slightly bigger than my mobile. Very happy with it. Had a… Continue reading iPraise