I hate money sometimes

Sorting out your finances and accounts is a right pain. If I ever get rich, I am so getting accountants to sort it all for me. Its not that I don’t know what I am doing, I just would rather not be doing. At least its mostly out of the way for another month. I’m… Continue reading I hate money sometimes


Head is spinning, have just been doing some sql where the task was to query across three tables unioned together, and then link this in different ways 4 times. Thus a twelve table query. It looks like shit, runs like shit, but it is probably the best way to get what I am after in… Continue reading SQHELL

More ideas

Might write a firefox search extension tonight for tvcream. Shouldn’t take very long. Then I can have a whole catalogue of (two) things I have written. Woo the excitement. The other thing I intend to do is write some how-to guides for doing things like that. I love it when I find a nice simple… Continue reading More ideas

Firefox Done

Right, tonight I have done the search engine plugins for firefox. I’ve created one for Google Images, and one for TV Cream. If you have firefox, you know the google search bar? Well you can search other search engines from there too. If you are interested, let me know. If I have time tomorrow, I… Continue reading Firefox Done

Working much better

Okay, so now the rss feed works proper, as do the links, as does the commenting. I am a genius. Okay, I am alright at messing with some scripts that other people wrote beautifully. Still, its a sense of achivement anyways. I think the last thing I want to set up for the moment is… Continue reading Working much better

RSS feed is patchy

I’m sure the that all the potention rss users of this site (i.e. me and possibly one other person. And I amnot counting on them having read this anyways) will be very interested to know that the rss feed only half works. You can see the stories listed in your reader, but the url’s do… Continue reading RSS feed is patchy

RSS works now

Cool, the url to add is http://www.flotsky.co.uk/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/index.rss to your rss reader. I suspect its not all configured correctly yet, but it should show all the stories as they appear. I am having “issues” with getting the base url right for everything. Will mess about with that later on.

Working better

Well that is a little more like it, got the links above working, and the style sheet (wot gives it the look and feel) works too. Feels some sense of achievement. Which is nice. Might try and get the rss feed working tomorrow. Well tonight. But later.

All Gardened Out

Bloody knackered. Edged the lawn, put in the edging stuff, and collected loads of crap. Still looks like a hell-hole, but its my hell-hole. Settled in with S now for a quiet night of too much wine, possibly some SingStar, definitely some crap TV. Bit brain-dead and tired. Will have to do some more work… Continue reading All Gardened Out


I have every intention of doing some gardening today. It is partially because my garden looks a bit of a hell-hole today. I’m just off to buy some edging for the lawn and a tool to edge it. I live life on the edge. *Stabs brain a little*