Off Course

For the day now. Time to relax, eat, surf, watch war, and make phone calls. One of the perks of a BT training course is free national calls. Nice. Will try and make the most of that. Fell asleep very early last night, so hoping to stay up somewhat later tonight. Will have a big… Continue reading Off Course

Fun (well for me anyway)

One of those things I should have figured out to do ages ago, and only realised today. Translating Japanese websites into english. Such as: The Nintendo Gameboy Player One thing that does make clear is that they have two more gc colours in japan, the lucky swines. All you need to do the above is… Continue reading Fun (well for me anyway)

Handy site

This is probably one of those things that everyone knows about bar me, but its Sort of a search engine but it also ranks sites, and can give you traffic reports for sites, that sort of thing. What was suprising to me was on a global basis quite how popular korean and taiwanese web… Continue reading Handy site