to put a patch on today. Got the fear as soon as I realised this morning, but decided to wait until lunchtime to do something about it. Got to lunchtime, looked at the wind and rain outside, and decided I could wait until I got home. Feel weird now. Spaced and tired. Very spaced. Sore… Continue reading Forgot


Going to try and write up my last week another time, but suffice to say I now know a bit more about Microsoft Access than I did, or than even I ever suspected I may need to know. On a completely different subject, I have now done 8% more in GTA3VC. Just to give another… Continue reading Back

To remember

I have decided to start a new project, to go with all the other things I start and never finish. This one is to try and remember as much as I can about World of Sport. Here goes. Okay, I can first remember a trailer for what I think was the Autumn of 1976, or… Continue reading To remember

To remind me

of things to get, and things to check: Pokemon Crystal Pokemon Blue Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Zoonami’s “Game Zero”. All a big mystery

All I want for Christmas is it to be six months time

I bought an American gaming magazine yesterday. BIG BIG mistake. I now would like to own, but will have to wait a minimum of 3 months the following: GBA E-card reader Gamecube GBA adaptor Animal Crossing Phantasy Star Online parts 1 & 2 Gamecube Broadband Adaptor All the Pokemon e-card set All the Animal Crossing… Continue reading All I want for Christmas is it to be six months time