Card Counting Fighting stick man, the arcade return Bubbles game, and who is that at no.1 for the time being? Gore Vidal lays into Bush


The last game of the world series. Tied at 1-1 bottom of the second. It is late. I’m not going to see the end of this game. Lets just say that the Giants win, and I’ll go to bed believing that until I get up later. Shines = 63. Haven’t been playing too much, had… Continue reading Watching


Doh, meant to add this all weekend 😉 Review of UT2003 by me


The sort of tired that comes from physical work. Not too much, but still tired because of it. Kind of hard to focus tonight, I keep getting distracted by many things. Brainfade is what I refer to it as. Sniper threatening to kill lots of American children. Armed men have taken 1000 people hostage in… Continue reading Weary


Zippy Mood = middle, Hair = roughly 3/4inch medium coverage, Brain = sort of distracted thinking of Mario and Unreal Tournament 2003 Feign indifference, play fair, ride a black swan and hope for the best


Running just as fast as you can. Trying to get away into the night. Niccotene Level = feels lower than it should. Solution = smoke more or less, depending on required result Shines = 60. Finish = 120 Obvious = only halfway on Super Mario Sunshine. Cuts = inside of middle finger right hand. Possibly… Continue reading Zippier


Someone e-mailed me to say they had a problem with their machine. Except they didn’t. Except that their e-mail was sending messages it shouldn’t. So it had a problem. Which I then fixed. Very odd. I understood the problem, but just wierd that it was almost as if the machine rather than the user was… Continue reading Oddest