100 Great Sporting Moments – BBC

In 1982-1983, the BBC showed a series called 100 Great Sporting Moments. It was a collection of interesting and exciting moments shown on the BBC (note the specificity of the title, great rather than greatest). The series was a fantastic history of sport, not just the biggest moments, but an education in sport through the televisual years.

Once the original series was shown, for a few years I seem to recall they were used as handy fillers for awry schedules and rained-off events. After a while I presume that either the rights to some elements may have reverted, or the BBC just felt they looked a little dated, and their use stopped.

So I was wondering the other day what the exact list of events was. Of course these are from a pre-internet era, but even then, this list seems lost into the ages. I’ve already carried out some research, and tracked down several of the events, but I suspect as I stand, I only know about 30% of the original list. It’s not obvious, as stated it isn’t the greatest moments ever, it’s far more eclectic than that.

So this page now exists as a starting point for the project to track down all 100 moments. I’ve found some on youtube, and confirmed some elsewhere. I will list out all I know for sure to begin with, and gradually add links to youtube for each one. I’ll also list my possible moments that either I or other people believe were shown. If you have any memories, proof or useful links for me, please do post them in the comments.4636

Finally, I’m starting another separate list for Graeme’s Great Sporting Moments, so that I can complete and get to 100 for at least one project.

Update: I’ve found the BBC Genome Project which has a lot of entries for 100GSM shows, so I’m going to update this list soon with that, and in return add some edits to help clean up what they’ve scanned in from Radio Times.

BBC 100 Great Sporting Moments


  1. Mary Peters, Munich Olympics – 1972 – Athletics (shown 01/11/1982) Youtube
  2. Arkle, Cheltenham Gold Cup – 1964 – Horse Racing (shown 08/11/1982) Youtube
  3. Joe Davis v John Pulman, television challenge match – 1962 – Snooker (shown 15/11/1982) Youtube
  4. USA v USSR, Munich Olympics – 1972 – Basketbal (shown 29/11/1982) Youtube (full game, not 100GSM clip)
  5. Scotland v Wales – 1971 – Rugby
  6. Scotland v England – 1980 – Rugby
  7. Barbarians v New Zealand – 1973 – Rugby
  8. British Motorcycle Grand Prix – 1979 – Motorcycling
  9. Ken Rosewall v Cliff Richey, Wimbledon Quarter-final – 1971 – Tennis
  10. Arsenal v Man Utd, FA Cup Final – 1979 – Football
  11. Gillette Cup, Semi-Final – 1971 – Cricket
  12. The Open – 1972 – Golf
  13. Red Rum, Grand National – 1973 – Horse Racing
  14. Red Rum, Grand National – 1974 – Horse Racing
  15. Red Rum, Grand National – 1977 – Horse Racing
  16. Colin Jones v Kirkland Laing – 1980 – Boxing
  17. Colin Jones v Kirkland Laing – 1981 – Boxing
  18. West Indies innings, World Cup Final – 1975 – Cricket
  19. Australia innings, World Cup Final – 1975 – Cricket
  20. Victoria Wade v Chris Evert-Lloyd, Women’s semi-final, Wimbledon – 1977 – Tennis
  21. Victoria Wade v Chris Evert-Lloyd, The Wightman Cup – 1980 – Tennis
  22. Osram Saloon Car Championship – 1971 – Motor Racing
  23. David Bedford, 10,000m, Crystal Palace – 1973 – Athletics
  24. Bjorn Borg v John McEnroe, Tie Break, Men’s Final, Wimbledon – 1980 – Tennis
  25. Daily Express F3 Trophy Final – 1970 – Motor Racing
  26. Jack Brabham Trophy Race – 1971 – Motor Racing
  27. Motorcross – 1960s


    • Leeds v Southampton – 1972 – Football
    • Towler and Ford – 1968 – Ice Dance
    • Olga Korbut, Floor Exercises, Munich Olympics – 1972 – Gymnastics
    • Nadia Comăneci, Uneven Bars, Montreal Olympics – 1976 – Gymnastics
    • Ed Moses – – Athletics
    • Franz Klammer, Men’s Downhill, Innsbruck Olympics – 1976 – Skiing
    • Seb Coe – – Athletics
    • Rumble in The Jungle – – Boxing
    • Devon Loch, Grand National – – Horse Racing
    • Mark Spitz, Munich Olympics – 1972 – Swimming
    • David Emery, 400m Hurdles, Mexico Olympics – 1980 – Athletics
    • Lasse Viren – – Athletics
    • Abebe Bikila – – Athletics
    • Jesse Owens, Munich Olympics – 1936 – Athletics
    • Harold Abrahams/Eric Liddell, Paris Olympics – 1924 – Athletics
    • John Currie, Innsbruck Olympics – 1976 – Ice Skating
    • Robin Cousins, Lake Placid Olympics – 1980 – Ice Skating
    • Roger Bannister, Mile, Oxford – – Athletics
    • Garry Sobers, Six Sixes – – Cricket
    • Bob Beamon, Long Jump, Mexico Olympics – 1968 – Athletics


12 responses to “100 Great Sporting Moments – BBC”

  1. Martin Avatar

    Hi, I’m pretty sure one moment was a match in the Table Tennis World Championships form 1977 which was held in Birmingham. Likely to have been the final I would think. Cheers, Martin

    1. Steven John Edge Avatar
      Steven John Edge

      There was definitely a table tennis clip included in the 100 moments. It was the final of the Norwich Union Championship between two Chinese players: the experienced Li Shen Shi and a young up and comer called Teng Yi. Tony Gubba and Alan Ransome were commentators.

    2. Steven John Edge Avatar
      Steven John Edge

      Sorry, I should have said that the year of the Norwich Union final was 1978.

    3. Steven John Edge Avatar
      Steven John Edge

      There was definitely a table tennis clip in the 100 moments. It was the final of the 1978 Norwich Union Championship; between two Chinese players: the experienced Li Shen Shih and a young up and comer called Teng Yi. Tony Gubba was commentating alongside Allan Ransome.

  2. Andrew Shurmer Avatar

    The Sam Doble Memorial rugby match from 1977 is another one. A DVD of the game is available from Birmingham Moseley rugby club and ‘100 Great Sporting Moments’ is portrayed in the credits.

  3. David Avatar

    Definately the Gareth Edwards try for the Barbarians v The All Blacks in 1973 was in the 100

  4. Michael Keating Avatar
    Michael Keating

    The 1961 Rugby League Challenge Cup Final between St Helens and Wigan, featuring the goal kicks of Len Killeen

  5. Michael Keating Avatar
    Michael Keating

    Says on BBC site it was 1966 final but I could have sworn it was 61 because it was the first time I’d seen it. Got this from searching from that page for 100 Great Sporting Moments (might help you confirm some).


  6. Claire Thomas Avatar
    Claire Thomas

    There were 3 gymnastics ones that I remember really clearly: Vera Caslavska in 1968 (it featured her floor exercise routine to ‘The Mexican Hat Dance’ in front of the Mexico City audience); Olga Korbut in 1972; Nadia Comaneci perfect 10 in 1976

  7. Matt Crisp Avatar
    Matt Crisp

    Almost certain that the Gary Sobers 6×6 was one. No proof but still remember watching it now. I would also list the USA v Russia Winter Olympics ice hockey but might be conflating it which the basketball that you already have?

    1. Andy Griffiths Avatar
      Andy Griffiths

      Garry Sobers was definitely one of them – remember watching it as a kid.

  8. Karl Wood-Emery Avatar
    Karl Wood-Emery

    I believe that a mountain stage of the tour de France is featured with Sean Kelly or Stephen Roche winning the stage.