The P.Wyndham Little Project 4

A new type of letter from Mr Wyndham, attached to the normal set, someone who has contacted me has received the following:


I have prepared this statement to answer most of the usual questions that I am asked, when delivering my letters.

I have been distributing my letters since 1994, throughout Scotland, England and Wales. When I began, I thought that the difficulties, to which I draw your attention, would be resolved within a few years and that as a result, all of the jobless would have livings again. I still believe that soon there will be livings for all.

As I find more to say about it all, I have to return to towns that I have already delivered earlier letters to, with new letters. As I now have much less money than before, I cannot revisit in every year.

I now spend less per town delivery, than I did at first. Typically , I expect to spend each year, £600 on materiel and £500 on each of two trips. I continue to send letters via Royal Mail to remote addresses.

What I stress in these letters is that I produced ideas over nearly 50 years that have brought many revolutions to the ways we work, live and think. This new enlightenment has brought prosperity occupation and recreation that our grandparents could not even have dreamt of. What I say now, is that we all must participate in this prospecting for ideas for new products, services, management and government. I also stress that we all must have our livings protected from displacement by new ways.

P.Wyndham Little

P Wyndham Little 3 – New information!

It has been a little while, but as I mentioned, the day before yesterday I got another email about P Wyndham Little. I seem to get at least one a year, for the last 4 years or so. If you don’t know what I’m on about, the short explanation is that in 1997 I found a set of letters left neatly folded on my doorstep, from a person called P Wyndham Little. They weren’t in an envelope or addressed to me, they were just left there. In about 2002 (vague guess) I decided to put them onto my website, and see if anybody found them on there. And gradually the response has been quite surprising, as it turned out that several people had also had similar experiences. To see what I’ve had in the past, read:

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So anyway, this is the bulk of the email I had recently:

“I don’t know why I googled P Wyndham Little, but I did! For a few years in the 90s, I lived just round the corner from Merchiston Crescent, in SW Edinburgh’s fairly well-to-do Merchiston suburbs – JK Rowling, Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall-Smith all live there these days.

Anyway, I used to happen upon these little scribblings in the street outside my front door all the time. A few friends who I still see these days remember them as well. I would think this guy had been made redundant from Farrant or BAE systems, a big defence / electronics firm in Edinburgh at the time, judging by his occasionally impressive engineering knowledge.

…. I note from my googling that his seems to still be hard at it, leaving messages for BBC’s Nick Robinson. Good to know someone collected this rambling opus.”

This is interesting on a few counts, firstly that this is the first person to have the same experience I did, of having the letters left on their doorstep. Everybody else seemed to have received them mailed to a workplace. Also the literary references are worth noting; I’ve said before that they reminded me of Alasdair Gray, but now I look into that, it is worth knowing that he seems to be very strongly based in Glasgow. Finally, that is the first sighting I’ve had of him online. Of course I’ve no proof that is him online, could just be someone’s choice of login who has also come across the letters, but given his interest in politics, maybe it could be him. I wonder if he’ll ever type himself into google…