Idle thoughts

  • Am feeling happier and happier to be back using iTunes, after a couple of years using Amarok in Linux. Just find it that slight bit more searchable, and it hooks up with the iPhone a treat, just finding and listening to a lot of different things, both in terms of podcasts and music.
  • New Xbox Live is, err, live. I’ve actually had it a week or so, managed to slip onto the final beta that Xbox podcaster Major Nelson launched. It’s very pretty, definitely better looking than the previous interface. Have yet to use it to play with friends, hope to do that soon.
  • Going to try and nip into the Ashmolean museum this weekend, catch it before it closes for a year for a major refurb. Have found out I can take photos there (no flash though), so will try and get lots of images of how it was before, and hopefully after in a year’s time.
  • Need to make more time for reading. I’ve slunk down to almost zero reading of books at the moment apart from on hols and long journeys, must change this.

A couple of tips for iTunes playlists

So I guess now is the time to mention I’ve got an iMac and an iPhone now. I’m loving both of them, so glad I got them. Having done so, it meant it was time to return to using iTunes, which I hadn’t been for a couple of years, whilst all my computers were mainly running Ubuntu. I found it rather frustrating to use under Windows, particularly when syncing with an iPod. However on the Mac it works fine, and I’m enjoying it again.

So now I can sync playlists to the iPhone, I’ve been playing about with setting up smart playlists for my tastes. I’m quite happy with this one, to work through all the stuff I haven’t listened to:

Unplayed Playlist in iTunes
Unplayed Playlist in iTunes

I’ve set the time of each track to be in the range of 2-20 minutes, so it misses out some samples and short tracks, and also misses out large mixes. The Rating is not 1 star is for another reason. My wife normally has pretty good music taste, but there are a few artists she enjoys that just aren’t my taste. So I’ve arrived at this solution to miss them out: Give them all 1 star. This will still include anything unrated (most of my collection, because I’ve just moved to the Mac). However it also allows me to give her a playlist of her own, ideally for when I’m out of the house:

Partners Playlist in iTunes
Partners Playlist in iTunes

This way everyone is happy! So, how do you set up your playlists in iTunes (or indeed in Amarok or other music software)?