Best top ten list of 2009

violet blue ® :: open source sex | top ten sexy geeks 2009

(Article is safe for work, however the ads and links in the sidebar really aren’t)

I think I was robbed. Also do watch the MC Chris – Nrrrd Grrrl video at the end of the article, kudos for being the first rap track I’ve heard to include a reference to Animal Crossing.

It has been a long time since…

Is there much to explain? Not a lot really, just been busy, and not that inclined to write on here. In the meantime, since I was writing in much detail, I’ve been to France, I’m in London, and I’ll soon be going to Cardiff for trips. Just chugging along nicely really. Have been doing some geek writing instead of updating here, think it is about time I did a little more back here.

Oh, one new thing, have started getting grey hair. Very excited about this, reckon I can rock the silver fox look soon. Early days yet, but definitely got some in my sidies, and plenty in my beard. Getting there, I feel.