Game Center for the iPhone is all very nice

and looks lovely and everything, but what would be really good would be if they had launched with at least one game ready for people to play. Maybe that’s just me though.

EDIT: Tell a lie, apparently Ms. Pac-Man works with it. Doesn’t point that out in Game Center itself though, which would have been nice.

iPhone games – Chess with Friends

Nice simple little application this, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to play a game of chess online with your friends. Obviously it is turn based, but as it is played via a server, you can play your game over several days, checking in to see if your friend has moved yet.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from iTunes and set up your account, you can start up a game with anyone in your contact list on the phone. You have to have either their phone number or email address. If they already have an account, it will find them, if they don’t, you can send them an invite. iPhone or iPod Touch only at the moment. From there, straightforwards, it’s a nice little chess app. If you fancy a game, leave me a comment with your email address included, and I’ll start one up!

Newtoy | Kicking off a revolution in gaming with your friends on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Yamake from Nokia – make your own games

Interesting announcement from Nokia of Yamake, a user-generated games tool for the soon-to-be-launched-properly N-Gage platform. Basically, they provide the base for the game, the user can upload images and sounds, and alter text to turn them into their own game. Will have a look into this and investigate, could be a fun tool to play with.

Nokia Mosh – Share Applications and Media

I’ve been meaning to write about Nokia Mosh for a while. It is a place to share all forms of mobile media, from images and videos to themes and applications, for all of their current and recent phones (including of course the N95). You can upload and download anything on the service. There is also a social networking side to it, as you can build up a collection of your favourite apps, comment on them, and share them with friends.

It is of particular interest to anyone interested in new Symbian applications. You can search for new releases and versions, and see what is popular with other users. It is fairly open, anyone can upload what they like, but they do police it, through a combination of observation and complaints (it isn’t a huge service, and is still in beta). It is worth reading the comments on an application to see how other people have got on with it, and none of the content is assured by Nokia, so any installation is at the users own risk.

I’m going to work through some of the applications I find on there, and talk about them on here over the next few months. I’ve set up my own collection on Mosh if you want to see what I’ll be looking at. I’ll make no guarantees for any of them either yet, but have a look through them, and obviously if you use the service yourself, add me as a friend.

NGage 2 is go…oh well almost

I’ve been looking forwards to the Nokia Ngage gaming launch for some time, well it is finally supposed to be happening this week…on one phone only, the N81. The rest, such as for the N95 will follow at some stage early next year. Somewhat disappointed by this, I understand the need to test it, but I thought that was what they had been doing. You test in beta, you launch to, well, at least your interested audience. Ack well, I’ll check back in on it.