Getting Skype on the Nokia N95 with Fring

I’m starting to experiment a bit more with what my Nokia N95 can do. I had installed Fring on my old phone a while back, but not really used it too much out of worries about cost. Fring is an instant messaging application for mobiles, which allows you to use MSN, GTalk, and most usefully of all, Skype on your mobile. Now over 3G, as I say, I was worried about cost, and also for Skype I found the quality a bit lacking. However as I can use a wifi connection on the N95, it comes into it’s own a bit more. I spend the majority of my time at home or at work, in range of a connection, so most of the time I can have it turned on, which is how you want to run it. And also on the bus into London from Oxford (which I seem to end up on about once a month on average), which I’m looking forwards to trying out. Nice little moneysaver potentially.

Quite easy to set up, and it picked up all my contacts from the account I had before. I was also pleased to see it now has twitter, so I can update my status on that too. Impressed with it thus far. And in general with the N95, for one I was encouraged to see that for my normal usage of a phone (i.e. not that much in terms of phone calls, but the odd bit of messing about here and there) the battery life is more respectable that I thought. One charge in two days, and I have been messing about with it a lot. I do get the impression it drains faster on wifi, and I haven’t starting using it as a media player yet (need to get a decent memory card first). So far, glad I made the switch from the 6300.

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