Coffee, the friend of the damned

Tired after a long fun weekend. Drinking locally on Friday, then off to see mates in Reading on Saturday. Both great nights. Then Sunday was ambling back from Reading on the train, and then enjoying the British GP and stage 9 of the Tour de France. Button looked on Saturday like he might have a chance of his first victory, but in the end he was off the pace by some way. The Tour had a fantastic solo ride by a Dutch rider, well worth seeing

Friday night introduced me to the joys of 70s Welsh Rockers Budgie, the Beach Boys live at Knebworth dvd, and made me a lot more interested in the Super Furry Animals, which was all good.

Coffee is your friend

London was good, managed to learn a lot about the exciting world of PL/SQL. May well mean I start writing a lot of stuff in that, as it is certainly very useful. Will be investigating some things to do with that today. Also visited good mates TnB over the weekend, and swapped Christmas pressies. I know have the Sega Superstars EyeToy game, which is entirely worthy. There is a Super Monkey Ball game where you control the ball as if you were a kid pretending to be an aeroplane, which is sheer comedy (and tough on the arms too). Will have a good go of that this weekend, along with the dance mat I picked up recently