Lazy way to install Perl modules in Ubuntu 6.10

I’m starting to find my way around my new install of Ubuntu. This morning I found I had loads of errors in my Perl scripts stored in Eclipse. A quick check revealed that it was due to not having certain Perl modules installed on my machine. So I would have to install them for suitable error checking. A few minutes on Google got me started, but having worked through a few permutations of setup, I happened upon the following. Note, this may well not be suitable for all, and certainly is the lazy way of doing things.

From a command line:

sudo cpan

You will then be asked if you want to manually config cpan. Say no, take the risk and see if it will figure it all out for you. Did for me. Then to install a module, I did a quick search on cpan’s website to find the correct name of each module (they are case-sensitive). Along the way I installed the cpan search extension for Firefox, which makes it even easier. To install Date::Manip, all you need to type at the command line in cpan is:

install Date::Manip

If your configuration is correct, it will nip off and install it all for you. Very nice.