The P.Wyndham Little Project 4

A new type of letter from Mr Wyndham, attached to the normal set, someone who has contacted me has received the following: STATEMENT I have prepared this statement to answer most of the usual questions that I am asked, when delivering my letters. I have been distributing my letters since 1994, throughout Scotland, England and […]

P Wyndham Little 3 – New information!

It has been a little while, but as I mentioned, the day before yesterday I got another email about P Wyndham Little. I seem to get at least one a year, for the last 4 years or so. If you don’t know what I’m on about, the short explanation is that in 1997 I found […]

The P.Wyndham Little Project

P.Wyndham Little 45 Merchiston Crescent Edinburgh EH10 5AH Tel.0131 229 2700 Monday 20 November 1995 Dear Neighbour, NOT FAIRCHILD In the 1960’s even a minor “outside” T.V. broadcast called for several vans packed with power greedy and unreliable heavy equipment. I could not see how NASA could send equipment based on this technology to The […]