Framework for a New Musik Version 0.1

1. Musik

Digital. No point in plain natural instruments, their time is done. They’re a bit of a luxury too, an unnecessary expense. All you need is a computer. Garageband. Audacity. Linux. Mac. Whatever works, whatever you have. If you do have an instrument, and you really do want to use it, then fair enough, but in the New Musik it is now a mere input device, on a par with the keyboard. Use it sure. Then record it, get it in, fuck with it.

What does it sound like? Output. An end result. This diagram explains it:

Old music & Input & Samples > Computer > GitHub & SoundCloud > New Musik

Nice and simple. Any questions? No? We’ll move on.

2. What do I do with it

Save the separate elements of a track into the New Musik GitHub repository. This is important. It means the New Musik can be built, shared and developed quickly and easily.

Save the finished track onto SoundCloud. Done. Tell people about it. Use the hashtag #NewMusik . That shows you’re part of it.

3. How do I make money from it?

You don’t, yet. Don’t worry, this is the case for music through the ages. By putting it into GitHub, it is now open source, under the GPL V2 license (CHECK THIS). Read up on that. It’s important. The idea is that New Musik will simply begat New Musik. If you’re good at it, you’ll figure out how to make money from it, or someone else will for you. If you’re not good at it, at least you took part, you can say that proudly. If you’re inbetween good and not good, you might contribute something useful to the New Musik, help shape what it is, and be very proud of that. Your contribution will be recorded in your commits, there for music historians to see, rather than debate over. However you’ll get little or no money for that contribution. To quote David Byrne: “Same as it ever was”.

1.1. Musik (slight return)

So you do have a question? What does it sound like, really? Basically not like music does now. It might sound a little like what it has previously to how it sounds now, but not very much.

4. Politics

Bit of a pain really. Sure, this isn’t a distinctly capitalist plan. However music almost always ends up about money to some extent, if it’s a bit good. And I don’t like to be exclusionary. So the New Musik has no politics at its core at all. It is just a methodology you can apply. Be left. Be right. Try not to be a twat though.

5. Fashion

Not really my strong point. Proper hats would be nice.

6. Versioning

Back to the GitHub bit. Versioning is handy for creativity, see the before, branch off in different directions, still have all the pieces you started with. Even New Musik itself is versioned. This is 0.1. It can and will change. So should you.

Attack – Bomb The Bass

I used to have the video single of Attack by Bomb The Bass on VHS years ago, and lost it in the mists of time. I was very sad about this, it was what got me into skate videos and the like. Finally a few days ago I found this on youtube (I will admit to an issue of middle age that meant I couldn’t remember what it was called, which didn’t help with my quest). Watch and enjoy.

Simon Cowell – Do More Evil

It’s always good to try and get yourself into someone else’s mindset. Try and see the world from their point of view. So today I was wondering What Would Simon Cowell Do? See, he took a little dent this Christmas, what with the Rage Against The Machine campaign. X-Factor stuff still earned him a pretty penny, but the public will have seen it as a small defeat for him, after so much success. Obviously next year, there will another attempt to do the same, it may even be a bigger defeat.

What to do? One could lick one’s wounds, take a pragmatic approach, be slightly more subtle. Just pick a better song than an insipid Christmas-ish one like they’ve done the last few years, that might work.

However I suggest a different approach. Balls out, pure unbridled evil, make a load of money, and essentially stick it in the face of the RATM protesters. Release every performance on X-Factor on iTunes the following day. I suspect it could potentially sell enough for him to have 12 consecutive number 1s, up to and including Christmas. He could take up all of the top ten in a week. I think it’s a horrific idea. However Cowell never went broke underestimating the desire of certain broad swathes of the public to buy any old tosh. Look at Robson and Jerome. They actually broke sales records.

Just imagine, rather than a world where RATM gets a surprise number 1, the British public has a load of half-arsed performances clogging up the charts for months. That would teach them.

I’m now sold on DJ Hero

I think I’m going to have to get it. Was very tempted already when I heard that DJ Shadow was involved. However I’m a sucker for Daft Punk. Ideally I’d spend several hours a day wearing one of their robot helmets, dispensing short advice on my face screen. Maybe in a bank. I digress. This looks very good.