Sync your podcasts to your iPod under Ubuntu

This is a big deal for me, not so much getting it working, more that it is one of the few things I’ve been booting back into Windows for. I am hoping fairly soon to remove the Windows partition from the hard drive, and reclaim it all for Ubuntu.

Anyway, the setup is this:

1) Dock the ipod with Ubuntu open. This should place the iPod using the name you’ve give it previously on your desktop. Find the location it has mounted the iPod at using right-click and properties, and make note of this.

2) If you don’t have it installed, sudo apt-get install amarok.

3) Go to System > Preferences > Removable Drives and Media, and on the Multimedia tab, change the command for portable music players to /usr/bin/amarok (or whatever your location is for amarok)

4) In Amarok, go to settings > Configure Amarok > media devices. Add device, choose the Apple iPod Media Device, and enter the name you gave the iPod, and its mount point.

5) That is the main part done, now you need in playlists to add any URLs of podcast feeds, and configure each feed so that it automatically scans for updates, downloads when available, and adds to the media device transfer queue (just check each option when configuring the podcast.

6) When you connect the iPod, it should now launch Amarok, and queue any new shows to transfer to the iPod. At the moment I just highlight the shows and transfer them, but I am sure I can find a command to do this automatically.

So that is a bit of work to get sorted, but worth it to keep Ubuntu open! If you try this yourself, let me know how you get on.

Realplayer in Ubuntu Edgy

I found this slightly trickier to set up than usual with Ubuntu, so I thought it was worth making mention of it. Basically, download from and follow the instructions. The normal methods of installing such things (the package manager or using sudo apt-get install) didn’t work for me. Just saves a bit of faffing about I reckon.

Lazy way to install Perl modules in Ubuntu 6.10

I’m starting to find my way around my new install of Ubuntu. This morning I found I had loads of errors in my Perl scripts stored in Eclipse. A quick check revealed that it was due to not having certain Perl modules installed on my machine. So I would have to install them for suitable error checking. A few minutes on Google got me started, but having worked through a few permutations of setup, I happened upon the following. Note, this may well not be suitable for all, and certainly is the lazy way of doing things.

From a command line:

sudo cpan

You will then be asked if you want to manually config cpan. Say no, take the risk and see if it will figure it all out for you. Did for me. Then to install a module, I did a quick search on cpan’s website to find the correct name of each module (they are case-sensitive). Along the way I installed the cpan search extension for Firefox, which makes it even easier. To install Date::Manip, all you need to type at the command line in cpan is:

install Date::Manip

If your configuration is correct, it will nip off and install it all for you. Very nice.