The real-time web is sort of coming soon

A couple of interesting but not unexpected developments today, first Bing announced it was including <a href="http://www viagra suisse”>real-time Twitter updates in its searches(this doesn’t look that live yet), then a few hours later Google announced the same. Real-time updates have been coming from a few directions in the past few months. There has […]

How Google Notebook can help with your Christmas shopping

As well as search, Google Reader, and Gmail, there is one other Google product I’ll use every day, and that is Google Notebook. It works so well for me for making todo lists, storing links and information, and sharing with other people. You need a Google account to use it, and once set up you’re […]

BarCampOxford announced for September 2008

Quietly excited to see the announcement of BarCampOxford. Barcamp is a series of user-generated conferences, where participants provide the content, and help to run and organise it themselves. I can remember reading about the rise of BarCamps a couple of years ago, and I’m very interested to see it in action, get a feel for […]

XPday 2006 – Love in the age of Software – James Noble & Robert Biddle

These notes are taken from the above talk on 28th November 2006, given by James Noble and Robert Biddle. Pretty much free-form soundbites, which was the manner of the talk in some ways. We now best now. Order is best. Modern is best. Perfection – Repetition – Iteration. BUT Why do the robots lose to […]

XPday 2006 – An Introduction to Scrum – Joseph Pelrine

What follows are my notes on the XP Day talk given by Joseph Pelrine, on Tuesday 28th November 2006. Scrum is nothing to do with software, it is to do with managing work. In any project, requirements, technology & people are all changeable, all come with uncertainty. Scrum can manage and prioritise this complex domain. […]