Aretha Franklin performs Rock Steady

Aretha Franklin performs Rock Steady live on Soul Train in 1973, episode 55.

Now this is a serious sampletastic record, used heavily in late 80s hip-hop for its vocal breakdown. Here’s just one example, the incenduary Mi Uzi Weighs a Ton by Public Enemy:

That’s where I think I first encountered it. The song itself is effortless upbeat soul by Aretha, pulsating and demanding to be danced to.

Al Green – Love and Happiness – Live

I love an old Soul Train clip, and this is a corker, Love and Happiness by Al Green performed live. This is made by the start: Eyebrow raise, footstomp, go. Only found out the other day that Billy Preston (of “Get Back” by him and The Beatles fame, amongst many other things) played keyboards on both Love and Happiness and Let’s Stay Together. Makes sense, because they sound incredible on both tracks.