Diary 2

Today we went into London. Talk about a tourist trap! We walked around the outside of Hyde Park, where the artists all sold their paintings. It took a lot to dissuade Emma from buying a Madonna mirror!

Came home on the train. I am, at the time of writing (9:45pm), sitting in bed.

Diary 1

I have received planning permission for my project (a scale model of Silverstone). I am over the moon about this. At this very moment plans are being made for the best touchs.

Kasparov is now two games up on Karpov, with five games left. Rangers lost 2-0 to St.Mirren.

We go back home tomorrow. It’s been nice here, but I can’t wait to get chance to kick a football and run around! We’ve made an offer of £75000 on a new house. It’s a beautiful house.

I purchased a “Duncan Rainbow” yo-yo.