The worst thing on Television at the moment

is the last shot of this Pepsi Max commercial: [youtube] It makes me angry beyond words. Well okay it doesn’t do half of that acheter viagra en ligne suisse. However it is terrible. What exactly are they doing at the end there? I don’t understand. Maybe I refuse to understand or comprehend. In fact […]

I don’t care who you are, fall off that big thing now please

I’ve just been reading Charlie Brooker’s latest Screen Burn column. You should too. Then come back here. Done that? Good. Right, where were we? Okay, early on he sums up nicely one thing that really annoys me about television at the moment. Sometimes there is a need to explain who a person is, what makes […]

Jamaica runs wild

Well the World Athletics championships got off to something of a flying start. Usain Bolt was just astonishing winning the 100m final in 9.58 seconds. Even more so in that I felt he could have gone very slightly faster, just something in him didn’t quite seem to blast to the very last metre. It wasn’t […]