Regal to reopen?

A quick follow-up to my previous post What’s going on at the Regal?. The Oxford Times is reporting that it is due to reopen this week, as it has heard from a couple of sources that events have been confirmed as going ahead now.

I’m going to check for myself later in the week to see if this the case, and report back. I hope so, it really would be a shame to lose such a fine venue in Oxford so soon after its launch. These do look like positive signs, although an official comment from the owners on their site or to the Oxford Times would probably be a good idea.

Regal to reopen next week (From The Oxford Times)

How to train your iPhone to spell the words you use

Having had an iPhone 3G for a few months now, I had noticed that it seemed to learn words after you had typed them out a few times, adding them to the dictionary for that phone. I had even wondered if there was a way to get those words directly into the dictionary, but presumed it would probably be protected and tricky to do. Hackszine points out that there is a nice simple way to do it, simply type the words you want into notes a few times, until the word is learnt: Train your iPhone’s dictionary

What if Lost merged with Heroes?

I’m about to lose any fanboy credibility whatsover by the end of this sentence, when I admit that I still watch both Lost and Heroes, and enjoy them. I kind of put it down to my love of Twin Peaks, which I feel means I have far more patience with inexplicable plot twists and a perverse desire not to explain plot immediately than most people.

However, this post on the TV Squad blog postulates if it would be worth merging both shows together. I can remember hearing this as a theory ages ago which I rather liked, but this goes a step further, and has a video from the Fine Brothers showing just how it might work:
What if Lost merged with Heroes? – VIDEO – TV Squad

Is tonight the night that Twitter takes off in the UK

It is said that Twitter may be discussed by Jonathon Ross and Stephen Fry on Ross’s chat show, tonight on BBC1. If it is mentioned (and we don’t know it will be, that could have been edited out), it could be the point that Twitter really takes off massively in the UK. I’ll predict if they do, watch out for a load of new people this weekend.

Metronomy – Radio Ladio

Saw this for the first time on 120 minutes on MTV2 at the weekend. Great place to discover good music you’ve missed and should know about in general.

Great band I’m glad to have heard, love the lo-fi sound. Worth looking through their other videos, they’ve done some interesting stuff. The Smiling Assassin should particularly have a look for Heartbreaker, as it’s possibly the first music video ever made on Paignton pier.