Magdalen Bridge to close on May 1st

Magdalen Bridge is to shut between 4 and 8:30 am on May 1st 2008, to inconvenience much of Oxford, and to prevent idiots jumping off a bridge to celebrate tradition. Let them jump I say, it provides needed income to jobbing photographers, who may be able to sell pictures to the national press when the jumpers hurt themselves. And it won’t mess up my bus journey in the morning.
Magdalen Bridge to close on May 1st – Oxford Times newspaper

Skype Beta for Nokia N95 now available

Finally, Skype have released a beta client for a host of mobile phones, including the Nokia N95. It works neatly, although it isn’t a native Symbian application, having been written in Java. Didn’t take too much to set up, although I haven’t been able to test it yet (unlike the normal Skype client, there is no test call facility). This could be very handy if I can get a few people onto it, and once I have I will report back.

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Nokia shelling out a lot of money for Comes with Music

Comes with Music is a long-awaited Nokia product for its phones which allows their customers to download for free songs from several of the major labels. It is also rumoured to have been Steve Job’s preferred model for iTunes, that never quite came together. I’ve heard rumours myself that it will only come on a few new models of phone, rather than be released for all Nokia phones in one fell swoop. I hope not. I’d quite like the reward for having my N95.

Anyways, detail what they know of the deal Nokia have made with Universal:

Updated: Nokia Paying Universal Music $35 Per User For Comes With Music? |

Interesting comparison of W960 Walkman and the Nokia N95

Quick review and comparison by Symbian-Guru of the Sony W960 and the Nokia N95. Interested me because someone had asked me about the relative merits of both phones, as they wanted something with an FM tuner built-in, which meant they wouldn’t consider an iPhone. I couldn’t deal with transfer speeds like the W960 is described as having, I need to do a quick sync in the morning before I go to work, so I have all my podcasts up to date. Sounds like I would never get to work on time if I had the Sony.

W960 Walkman vs Nokia N95 – Music Player