Racing Stripes

Scalextric F1 Alonso Car

I finally got my main birthday pressie from Mrsfb today (took a while to sort out what I wanted, and getting hold of it). A proper Scalextric set 🙂 I have properly regressed (or as mrsfb put it, “That’s the start of your mid-life crisis, I presume”). I’m rather happy. Just as I remember it, but a little easier to set up and take apart, and gives you less of an impression it is about to blow up in smoke than the set I had when I was a kid did.

The picture above is of the car my brother in law bought me for said birthday, and is a copy of the car Alonso drove to failure last year. Beautifully modeled, in fact I’m taking care with it as I don’t want to mash it into a bookcase and spoil it. I probably should put the trackside barriers up next time, but then again, I like the frisson of danger of not having them up. Old Skool.

BarCampOxford announced for September 2008

Quietly excited to see the announcement of BarCampOxford. Barcamp is a series of user-generated conferences, where participants provide the content, and help to run and organise it themselves. I can remember reading about the rise of BarCamps a couple of years ago, and I’m very interested to see it in action, get a feel for how it works, and of course participate in it myself. Many more details are on the BarCampOxford page for what they have planned thus far.

EDIT: BarcampOxford has in fact been rescheduled for September 20-21 2008.

Nokia N96 Announced

Slightly behind on my RSS feeds, I’ve just found out that Nokia have announced the successor to the N95, the imaginatively named Nokia N96. It looks nice, they’ve recessed the controls a little, given it a darker sleeker look. Headline features are an expandable 16GB memory and a larger screen (2.8 inches over the N95s 2.6). It is a few millimetres longer, but a couple slimmer. It will use the same battery, so there are a few mutterings on the Nokia and Symbian blogs that it won’t particularly improve the battery life.

Overall it looks like a style improvement, but no massive advantage over the N95 other than memory. Of course there could be some tweaks to the spec before release, but there isn’t going to be a touchscreen or anything really exciting.