The P.Wyndham Little Project 4

A new type of letter from Mr Wyndham, attached to the normal set, someone who has contacted me has received the following:


I have prepared this statement to answer most of the usual questions that I am asked, when delivering my letters.

I have been distributing my letters since 1994, throughout Scotland, England and Wales. When I began, I thought that the difficulties, to which I draw your attention, would be resolved within a few years and that as a result, all of the jobless would have livings again. I still believe that soon there will be livings for all.

As I find more to say about it all, I have to return to towns that I have already delivered earlier letters to, with new letters. As I now have much less money than before, I cannot revisit in every year.

I now spend less per town delivery, than I did at first. Typically , I expect to spend each year, £600 on materiel and £500 on each of two trips. I continue to send letters via Royal Mail to remote addresses.

What I stress in these letters is that I produced ideas over nearly 50 years that have brought many revolutions to the ways we work, live and think. This new enlightenment has brought prosperity occupation and recreation that our grandparents could not even have dreamt of. What I say now, is that we all must participate in this prospecting for ideas for new products, services, management and government. I also stress that we all must have our livings protected from displacement by new ways.

P.Wyndham Little

My current list of podcasts

Last night I entered a list of podcasts I listen to into delicious. I’m going to try later to turn the full list into an OPML file, so they can be loaded into a podcatcher or indeed into the Podcasting app on the Nokia N95 if you want. They’re a good mix, obviously leaning towards tech, but if nothing else you’ll get some new shows to try.

Channelflip shows on the Nokia N95

When I heard about Wil Harris and his Channelflip network, I had to check them out. Wil is based here in Oxford, and looks like he is trying to replicate the sort of video podcast offerings that Revision 3 have, but from a UK point of view. Which is fine with me, nowt wrong with getting some more British accents into the podcast world.

Channelflip has three offerings at present, Unwired, a tech show presented by Wil, Play:Digital, a gaming show, and Discus, a DVD review show.

I did hit a slight issue trying to get subscribed to these shows on the Nokia N95, the issue being that none of the stated feeds worked for me. However I had a sudden flash of inspiration, and realised that I needed the iTunes feed, but needed to open it without the itpc protocol that the URLs for those feeds use. So I copied those, put http at the start instead, and they all worked for me in the Nokia Video player app. If you want to do this yourself, the links are:


Another piece of the Google puzzle in place – Social Networking

Well I’d just finished writing the previous post, just went to flick through my feeds, and found this little gem. Google Maps is going Social. They’ve now added a profile section to Google Maps, so that any maps you chose to share will also now have your profile attached to them. I checked this out, and sure enough, I’ve already got my avatar and website in there already, from some other Google service I’ve used.

It’s very likely this is going to slip into the Google Apps family over the next few months. I suspect that it would go nicely into Gmail, so that you could find out more about anyone who mails you from a Gmail account.

This is going to be Facebook by stealth. Rather than a launch of a rival, they will add the profiles in. Rather than adding apps to a social networking app, they add the social networking to their existing apps. Google has Google Groups (formerly known as Usenet, in a way). They’re even a step ahead of Facebook by having IM and voice chat in place too. It’s starting to fall into place.