The P.Wyndham Little Project 4

A new type of letter from Mr Wyndham, attached to the normal set, someone who has contacted me has received the following: STATEMENT I have prepared this statement to answer most of the usual questions that I am asked, when delivering my letters. I have been distributing my letters since 1994, throughout Scotland, England and […]

Another piece of the Google puzzle in place – Social Networking

Well I’d just finished writing the previous post, just went to flick through my feeds, and found this little gem. Google Maps is going Social. They’ve now added a profile section to Google Maps, so that any maps you chose to share will also now have your profile attached to them. I checked this out, […]

Sync Gmail Contacts with Kontact

So I’m on a quest to get, well, everything on everything. I want everything in sync. Now that’s quite a project, so I’m taking little steps. What I’ve done today is to get my Gmail contacts to sync with my desktop contacts app, Kontact (in Kubuntu). I do all my email in Gmail, so it […]

Getting Skype on the Nokia N95 with Fring

I’m starting to experiment a bit more with what my Nokia N95 can do. I had installed Fring on my old phone a while back, but not really used it too much out of worries about cost. Fring is an instant messaging application for mobiles, which allows you to use MSN, GTalk, and most usefully […]