A little update

Not been up to a whole lot lately. Nice weekend mind, our friends J&S came over for drinks on Friday night, where a conclusion was not reached on what the best band-in-a-wardrobe video was (I still hold that The Cure’s Close to me is clearly such for being based entirely on a wardrobe, and that S’s choice of Rain or Shine by Five Star deviated into several other non-wardrobe areas). If you can think of one that is better, please let me know in the comments, this is important.

Saturday we rose late, and went into Reading to see our friends R&J, had a few drinks in town then travelled onto Cavisham for a very pleasant meal in a pub. A good time was had by all.

If you look up to the top right, you’ll see that I’ve had more comments on the last P.Wyndham Little Project post, more people have had similar letters. I’m hoping that they might send me more of what they’ve had, and I’ll put them up if so.

Magdalen Bridge Roadwork Blues

Magdalen Bridge, at the base of the High Street in Oxford, is one of the main routes into the centre of the city. Cut that off, and you create massive problems for public transport. So why is it being dug up for the second time in a year? Fun? Insanity? Sadistic pleasure?

Also, why are cars being allowed to drive towards it, when it is so congested? Ban them whilst the works are going on, let them go via other routes instead. We should have a proper congestion charge in Oxford anyway, but this would help ease the situation.

I think I’m going to research some more, and see if I can find out just what is going on.


So I’ve now got myself a Wii, and very nice it is too. However I feel I’m missing something, namely the sense of pointless achievement I get with playing the Xbox 360. If you haven’t seen the online side of the 360, as a player you get points for achieving certain tasks in every game, and built up an overall score, your gamerscore. It is your personal badge of how seriously you take your gaming, how far you’ve got in all your games.

And it goes deeper than that as well, you can compare yourself to your friends, see down to the individual achievement how far they’ve got in a game you both have. I like this, it spurs me on to try and outplay my friends. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but I feel it just adds an extra little purpose to gaming.

This I find lacking on the Wii. I don’t know what games my friends have, I can barely play them on any games at the moment (only one, Mario Strikers, and I don’t fancy that), and I don’t know how they’re getting on. In this day and age, you also tend not to be told how far you are through a game, so I don’t get the same sense of progression. As far as I understand it, PS3 has a similar system. I hope Nintendo are going to start to rectify this somehow, but at present there doesn’t seem to be any enthusiasm from them to do so. It’s a shame.

It’s now summer, officially.

Summer has come. Wimbledon has finished, and thus we are allowed decent weather the second the final ball is struck. So we’ve been active, we had a little cycle ride down to The Prince of Wales, which amongst other things proved how thin the saddle on my new bike was. It is better today. I’ve done loads of weeding, I’m a few more sessions away from getting it cleared to my satisfaction, but I may be starting to break the back of it. And I managed to watch plenty of motorsport whilst not in the sun.

Also tested out my new Flip 3 tent. I am kicking myself for not getting the camera out whilst I tested it, I might do it again so I can get a few images of it. It’s large and a bit unwieldy to carry, as it is a big flat circle when packed. The genius though is that you take it out of the cover, pull back the strap, and it explodes into a fully-erected tent! Something of a decent-sized one as well. Even more surprising is that whilst it takes longer to put away, that is mainly down to technique, it is pretty easy to do that too. Only downside is that it is a big flat circle when packed, not the best shape, does come with shoulder straps on the bag, but it wouldn’t be suitable for hiking or suchlike. Fine for a festival though. We shall camp like princes.

The lawn gods are against me

This past weekend, my parents very kindly treated me to a new lawn mower. I’ve been patiently waiting out the weather so that I could use it for the first time. Yesterday evening I finally saw a gap in the rain long enough to try it out. It was working fine until I hit a stone. One blast of sparks later, and a little further along, I found I’d managed to bend the blade and then gouge chunks out of the lawn. I left that for the time being, and instead moved onto raking up some of the dead grass that hadn’t been picked up. The second I pulled on the rake, the head fell clean off, as its wooden pole had rotted through. I’ve given up gardening for the week now.

On the bright side, the blade looks like it won’t cost much more than £15 to replace, which is a bonus. I will get my garden looking less rubbish, I swear.

Holiday, Rain and the Wii

Well, a good week off, spend the majority of it down in Devon visiting the fb-in-laws, which was very pleasant. Shame about the weather, which was variable to filthy most of the week. However we got to have wanders around Plymouth and Exeter, eat some good food, and generally take things very easy. Then had my own parents up on Saturday, and had an incredibly nice meal out at Gee’s restaurant (I had an outrageous fillet of beef).

I’ve also bought a Wii and a tent along the way. The Wii is excellent fun, I have to have a think and write a post about that, but I’ve really being enjoying it. By and large, the controls work rather well. And it is oddly great having a speaker in your hand.