Lazy weekend

Didn’t get up to that much really. We had a couple of friends over for dinner on Friday (if I say so myself, I make a cracking lasagne. Fresh pasta sheets are my secret), which ended in a marathon Singstar session, with a little Guitar Hero II thrown in. Saturday was a bit hazy in the morning, but we eventually pulled ourselves together, and had a walk over to South Park. When we got there, I regretted a bit not planning more, as it was gorgeous, and I could have happily sat out there for a while, but we didn’t have any books or toys other than my camera, and more importantly, hats or suncream. I would have frazzled rather quickly, so we settled instead for a couple of beers in The Star (one of the few untouched indie pubs of the Cowley Road. As an aside, I notice that Brickworks (which isn’t indie really, but is odd in an interesting way, a bit like a posh band on 4AD or something) is now open again, so I must go back there. One of my favourite bars on the basis it is odd, interesting and random, to the extent that you get random DJs there, parts of the pub (or indeed the whole pub) closed and opened on a whim, and even on one memorable occasion a barwoman declaring “We don’t serve wine here”, which was odd as I could see a bottle behind her at the time. Still, I don’t like to argue. I like oddness like that, and in general it is a fun place for a quiet drink.

We are now planning for our extended 12″ Bank Holiday weekend, where we have Friday – Tuesday off. Hoping for a couple of trips out and a cycle ride, more news as we get it.

Ploughing through the week

Is it Wednesday already? Bloody hell, I’ve gone a bit without writing then. Not been up to a lot, Saturday we went into Reading, Mrsfb managed a successful shopping trip with some nice clothes, I only wanted to go to one shop (Muji) and got there to find it had closed down, so I was slightly less successful. Then onto a mates house for the first BBQ of the year. Going to have to dust mine down soon, well I will at least when we get the lovely sunny weather back.

Other than that, not up to a lot at the moment. Am reading up a little on PHP (which is what this site is built in) so I understand it better, both for here and for work, as I’ve got a couple of small projects which use it now. Also do intend to make some changes to the blog, mainly moving it to a new host. Might try and do some of the groundwork for that shortly.

We’ve got a reasonably chilled weekend planned, friends over on Friday night, then maybe a film on Saturday. All good. And hopefully might get to talk to my sister who is over here briefly.

P Wyndham Little 3 – New information!

It has been a little while, but as I mentioned, the day before yesterday I got another email about P Wyndham Little. I seem to get at least one a year, for the last 4 years or so. If you don’t know what I’m on about, the short explanation is that in 1997 I found a set of letters left neatly folded on my doorstep, from a person called P Wyndham Little. They weren’t in an envelope or addressed to me, they were just left there. In about 2002 (vague guess) I decided to put them onto my website, and see if anybody found them on there. And gradually the response has been quite surprising, as it turned out that several people had also had similar experiences. To see what I’ve had in the past, read:

The P Wyndham Little Project 1

The P Wyndham Little Project 2

So anyway, this is the bulk of the email I had recently:

“I don’t know why I googled P Wyndham Little, but I did! For a few years in the 90s, I lived just round the corner from Merchiston Crescent, in SW Edinburgh’s fairly well-to-do Merchiston suburbs – JK Rowling, Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall-Smith all live there these days.

Anyway, I used to happen upon these little scribblings in the street outside my front door all the time. A few friends who I still see these days remember them as well. I would think this guy had been made redundant from Farrant or BAE systems, a big defence / electronics firm in Edinburgh at the time, judging by his occasionally impressive engineering knowledge.

…. I note from my googling that his seems to still be hard at it, leaving messages for BBC’s Nick Robinson. Good to know someone collected this rambling opus.”

This is interesting on a few counts, firstly that this is the first person to have the same experience I did, of having the letters left on their doorstep. Everybody else seemed to have received them mailed to a workplace. Also the literary references are worth noting; I’ve said before that they reminded me of Alasdair Gray, but now I look into that, it is worth knowing that he seems to be very strongly based in Glasgow. Finally, that is the first sighting I’ve had of him online. Of course I’ve no proof that is him online, could just be someone’s choice of login who has also come across the letters, but given his interest in politics, maybe it could be him. I wonder if he’ll ever type himself into google…

Still here, it would appear

Well despite my best efforts this hasn’t disappeared off the face of the earth, so I guess I better write something. Well, a good weekend in the main. Firstly got our tickets for this year’s Truck Festival, which we don’t know the line-up for yet, but we do know we’ll have a few friends going, it looks like it will probably be hot and sunny, and I’m going to camp for the first time this millennium. Well as long as I buy our tent first.

Friday I met up with a few friends from Mansfield and Birmingham, after they’d been to see a gig at the Zodiac, we had a few pints then headed back to play Singstar and Buzz until very late indeed. Saturday I managed to get up at a not unreasonable hour, and we had a relaxed shopping trip into town. Mrsfb treated me to the latest Piers Morgan book, which by now I’ve already read, such is its enticing wealth of gossip and celebrity nonsense. We met a couple of friends in the pub to watch the Grand National (none of us won a penny I’m afraid), then made the most of the gorgeous weather to stay out drinking in the sunshine for a while. We went home for dinner, and then that is when the evening started getting weird.

Probably about 8pm, I heard a vague noise outside that might have been someone knocking on the door, so I pulled back the curtain at the front to check. And found four policemen standing outside staring at me. Which I wasn’t quite expecting. They also looked pretty serious. When I spoke to them, they informed me they’d had a phone call from someone who was threatening to kill themselves, and who had given our address. Which was quite the thing to take in. I pointed out that it wasn’t us, and the policeman that came in to talk to us wanted to make sure, which is fair enough. I showed him around the house so he could see in each room that there wasn’t anyone there, and he phoned the number they had been given just to check it didn’t ring. After he was happy with that, he thanked us and went on their way. I have to say, when I’ve dealt with the Police here in Oxford, they’ve been brilliant, really friendly and caring in the right sort of ways.

So we settled back down, but about 50 minutes later, there was another knock at the door. I could see a flashing blue light through the front door, so I guessed what might be going on. I found an ambulance man and woman on my doorstep, looking very concerned. Same deal again. Having explained to them what was going on, I called the police to see if they knew what was going on. They explained that they had a tape of a phone call, from an obviously somewhat disturbed and slightly incomprehensible person, and as best they could make out the address was ours. And about 50 minutes later again, we had another house call from a paramedic. He explained the chap was still calling, and they still had to check as it was the best lead they had. And that was our Saturday evening. Most disturbing, no idea why our address kept coming up, but from what the police said they didn’t seem to think it was just a prank call. We haven’t had anything since, but that really set me on edge, shook us up a bit. I’m hoping they decided to start tracing the calls and track him down that way, as it would seem the person really didn’t know where they were. There’s nothing on the local news sites, so I just hope they’re okay. And that this is just a strange co-incidence thing.

I’ve also had a new email about P Wyndham Little, which if you don’t know about I’ll explain in another post shortly, but that only adds to my general sense of weirdness at the moment.

Not what you expected today?

Ha, a little dash of colour on the site now, am thinking about colour schemes, interested what people think about this as a base to start from? Certainly better than the default colours I think, but you may not agree. And hello to people reading this in a news reader, in which case come over to the site and see what you think.

Little break away from blogging, have had a lengthy break over easter. Didn’t do as much as we wanted, as mrsfb was a bit ill (all better now). Still did get to see her folks for a couple of days, which was very pleasent, and then relaxed the rest of the time. I got Guitar Hero II, which I love, and she can’t stop laughing at me when I play as “apparently” I rockgurn when I play guitar. I don’t know, I can’t see me. Great game though. Does hurt to play somewhat mind, not used to it.

Just getting back into it all

Well I’m back from Bristol, just getting back into the swing of work, and now I have five days off after I’ve finished today. It is a hard life. Let me see, what did I get up to?

360 Holiday

This is genuinely my case that I took with me, as we wanted to play some networked games in the house. I can assure you I did pack some clothes after I took this.

IMG 029

We went up to by some of the University buildings, and out into one of the parks, which I believe was used in some scenes in Skins recently. Gorgeous up there, and on a warm day as well it looked fantastic. This isn’t the best of shots, but it gives you some idea of it all.

IMG 043

I was fascinated with this, part of an exhibit outside what appeared to be some sort of new science museum type thing. I saw it from some way away, and was almost running and opening my bag to get there.

IMG 039

And this is a picture of flotsky taking pictures in it.

Basically we spent a couple of days playing games, watching Anime (some stuff I hadn’t come across before, things like Plantes, and something I had but hadn’t watched properly, Samurai Champloo, which was utterly fantastic), and we also got out for a good wander about Bristol. We’ve just started getting the good weather here as well, so it was lovely most of the time. Looking good for this weekend too. We’ve got mrsfb’s parents up to stay for a couple of days, a dinner to cook for friends, then a cycle ride on Monday to get rid of the calories. Course on the Tuesday for me too to finish it all off.